Intensely Curious

We shall easily see what the difference is between a man who is led only by an affect, or by opinion, and one who is led by reason... I call the former a slave, but the latter a free man. - Baruch Spinoza

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of questions you are asking yourself. - Tony Robbins

He went to Paris looking for answers.. To questions that bothered him so… 
- Jimmy Buffett

U N D E R > C ON S T R U C T I O N

Multi-tasking hard industry jobs [North America] 2 build the business in the Southern Hemisphere has been an enchanting experience.

One of the founders of this business concept is continuing the come back working at Chevron in Encinitas, California until a potential departure for New Hampshire.

Should you be reading this blogspot for the 1st time you can see there are notes for future builds… Much is happening in life for Christopher & Heidi… We’re excited to utilize current volatility in the capital markets to accumulate asymmetrical type companies [high quality when questions] while preparing to build the 1st phase down in the southern Hemisphere.

We know the sun moves perceivably north east [Easter] ‘passing over’ [passover] the equator with more light than darkness these days. Our goals to build a team soon down south starts with humble individuals who embrace questions, respect and a healthy anti-fragile lifestyle. Ironically the long range business plans could create much income providing stability but for now the changes in the world due to a confluence of many storm fronts [most immediate being debt & balance sheets] has induced us to move swiftly.

We wonder how many people ask why gold was placed in the constitution of USA Inc much less what is an asset vs a liability.

Stucco 2”x4” framed cottages on cement slabs appear to be all the collateral > coinage needed by the populace today in Encinitas, California.

Why were people bulldozing homes in Connecticut in the 1930’s?

How many wonder why the same 2-4 investment banks underwrote the Magnificat 7 companies on the S&P 500? What’s the role of these FANG companies?

                    “If everyone is going left, look right” - Sam Zell

California has been a large benefactor of the Tech II asset bubble. Personal experiences with Bank of England [coordinating with the privately owned Federal Reserve on management of the currency] OSS created CIA on a specific evening and place opened up to a new reality. Incredible to see the structure of a new society embracing centralization & convenience.

Traveling and engaging in commerce helps to see societies change over periods of time… Staying away from mind altering programming is relatively easy when actively investing ones own seed corn [skin - in - the - game].

Today’s opportunities appear more incredible than ever. Very strange to be in ‘The Golden State’ and see young people embracing a Psychological Operation by DARPA on a multitude of fronts. Very easy to corral the masses as each is obediently carrying their ‘smart’ device assisting continued construction of the digital prison. 

On the positive we see a new world for those embracing new frontiers and daily healthy pains to ensure the human condition stays alive. We have not injected ourselves with the I.G. Farben Department of Defense created graphene oxide Inoculation.

‘Following the Money’ isn’t as applicable today as we no longer use specie Money… 

Currency ensuring wealth transfer results in a focus on Capital Flows [collateral].

Humility, Creativity & Character are prime goals for a team set to meet company missions… The world needs capital a NEGATIVE REAL INTEREST RATES and current diet the WWIII embraced by most the financial world.

Storms on the Horizon require complete focus to Ride the Ultimate.

Carpe Diem -

C + H


P.S. Random questions from working at Rosano’s Chevron on El Camino Real…

Where else could you be laughed at by kids from local public & private [Cathedral Catholic] schools who envision themselves becoming ‘owners’ of passive income businesses?

* A significant goal is to create a team who may see the larger signals thru the noise.

Has eliminating the cost of capital [zero percent internet rate policy] since 2009 created a new recency basis in California or other ‘technology’ centers?

How is creating a program in a structured metaverse a ‘technology’ > or could it be ‘Functionality’ driven tasks?

What is the connection between the Bank of England > OSS > CIA or DARPA?

Are we in a true asset bubble? Psychological mania?

Discovered our properties and concept thru asking questions…

Last week provided another look into management within some of the elite companies… 

How does a software engineer run out of gas in his Toyota Sport Utility Vehicle?

Does the public perceive the gas station attendant synonymous with life guards?

How does a retired successful gentleman not recognize operating requirements of gas pump 4 a fuel container?

Why would one not ask how to use the People's Republic of California mandated safety nozzle on stipulated fuel systems?

Should success on the metaverse suggest lower life forms in hard industry succumb to The New Keyboard Warrior Economy?

How does one postulate a thesis based upon limited experience and/or data?

Does a ham sandwich really come from a refrigerator?

Who’s going to make all the copper for the screen watcher's non-accretive Tesla golf carts [electrical transport]?

Systems Engineering vs Theory [OSS / CIA / DARPA] > > >

Don’t confuse a bull market with brains…

Daily evolutions > interactions with industry [delivery & transport fueling] providing some boots on the ground input to what could be really going on economically…

Daily sentiment indicators

Tech Elite not critically thinking - Mass Psychosis

Lost art of Craftsmen

preparing for the battle in the junior resource market > prospect generation boot camp

One California Day Heritage - Earth provides most real wealth

Intentions of this blogspot soon to become a real website floating around the DARPA CIA OSS Bank of England backed metaverse is to to provide information on the development of a real business providing goods & services to a community while building investment capital for owners / workers [who embrace skin-in-the-game].

FINRA [formerly the NASD & NYSE Exchange Regulatory Bodies] determined the unsuitability of my actions by not responding to past inquiries. Truth is my past 3-4 years as a broker were completely unacceptable [possibly all years] due to my illness surrounding alcohol abuse. Threatening to take collaborators with financial corruption within institutions upon a fateful day at World Trade was abscessing from deep inside > anger > was sure to be a final nail in the coffin.

Kool thing about going for it in life making many wipe outs is if you stay healthy, humble and focused it accelerates the learning curve.

Wasn’t able to clearly think until years of bicycle transport hard industry jobs 

Energy transfer to digital securitization

Polarization shift in markets beneath the surface

Controlled Chaos Theory

Healthy outlook detection of mental illness everywhere

Not an all knowing savant or arbiter or the truth… but life becomes quite clear moving from the gutter to potential jet set and back down again…

"The successful commodity trader must make a psychological commitment to win, while, at the same time, controlling our two most pervasive and potentially destructive emotions -- fear and greed", explains Bernstein". Luck takes a back seat to personal discipline, skills and historically-valid strategies in commodity trading". Bernstein's training -- and the absence of any significant literature exploring the "psychology of the trader"-- prompted him in 1982 to write what has become a classic text on trader psychology, The Investor's Quotient (Wiley & Sons). - Jake Bernstein, president of Network Press Inc.,


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