Front Runner

Don't hope that events will turn out the way you want, welcome events in whichever way they happen: this is the path to peace. Sickness is a problem for the body, not the mind — unless the mind decides that it is a problem. Lameness, too, is the body's problem, not the mind's. - Epictetus: Discourses & Selected Writings

Podríamos decir, edemas, que hay en la humanidad un estoicismo universal, quiero decir con ello que la actitud que llamamos < estoica > es una de las posibilidades permanentes y fundamentales del ser humano, cuando busca la sabiduría. - Pierre Hadot, The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Everyone begins life as a free person. But as time passes, most people accept the prearranged programs and never stop to realize the freedom they possess. They accept standards and situations that are unsuitable to them. - Harry Browne: How I found freedom in an Unfree World

U N D E R > C O N S T R U C T I O N

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962) by Thomas Kuhn contends “science” does not progress as a linear accumulation of new knowledge, but undergoes periodic revolutions called “paradigm shifts.” [1]

Street Smart Translation: 

- Direct Experience / Trials > Head Clubbed / Black Swan Awakening

Paradigms often represented a consensus view from specific communities of research.

Gustavo Le Bon illuminated crowd psychology as belief systems based upon collective origin > Example: Academic Dogma perceived to be all knowing & elite.

Henry David Thoreau referenced and old Chinese proverb of ‘striking the root’ to thousands look up to branches of evil…

We’re not in the consulting business or proclaiming to be visionaries.

‘Advancements’ of ‘Smart Devices’ appeared ubiquitously world wide in the past decade. These devices appear to 

Perspective from a gutter worker, bicycle rider, surfer & aspiring entrepreneur has been extraordinary. 

My perceptions seem unrecognizable most likely because of a diverse past. It’s becoming CRYSTAL CLEAR on how few have ever interacted with real industry much less anything close to free trading capital markets.

Apex - Spitznagel describing the Roundabout process in The Dao of Capital.

Many of the great thinkers spent time in prison from Marco Polo, Henry David Thoreau to Oscar Wilde.  Malcom X started to read in the Charlestown, Massachusetts prison library.

Misguided > Non Spiritual.

> Riding a bicycle thru El Camino in Carlsbad & back area in Vista recanting the feeling of fresh out of jail… [2024]


> discovering the Series 7 Examination in 2020 > 70+% upon fixed income > debt instruments: Lex Mercatoria. [2020] - Young and no idea…

This book is about helping others find their Durable Competitive Advantages - Life’s gifts each of us retain… 

Understanding the macro around us [surfers in the line up] to best align our personal passions with external entropy > capital flow.

Younger people want to consider getting ahead or aligning their skills with future demand [fundamental analysis] based upon data vs emotions.


1. Contrarian Smart Capital Flow
2. Institutional Acceptance & underwriting.
3. Retail & General Acceptance by the public.

3 Phases of Every Bull Market Psychological process

Buying Anfield Gold on Bus 309 > Private Placement by Hitching on2 Ross Beaty

Going for it in life with all your heat is essential. Should you run into a few speed bumps > Much less Road Blocks > learn to enjoy a little dose of healthy pain. You are still alive.

Everyday Gratitude, Health Focus and Research / Balance Sheet. Remain cash flow positive, accretive & Anti-Fragile. Resist Centralization & Connivence.

Riding & Surfing while embracing past tacit knowledge [boots on da ground] has opened up new ideas and investments for the portfolio.

Massive Arbitrage in the Exploration / Prospect Generation & Royalty businesses. More on this in Part II.

1. Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996; American philosopher of science), in his eminent book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), contends “science” does not progress as a linear accumulation of new knowledge, but undergoes periodic revolutions called “paradigm shifts.” A “paradigm” is a specific theoretical orientation, based upon a particular epistemology and research methodology, reflective of a particular scientific community at a particular time in history. A paradigm frames and directs the nature of type of research inquires generated from within that theoretical orientation, as well as provides the fundamental basis for evaluating the results of the generated research. A paradigm provides the questions for – what should be asked, what phenomena should be observed, and how should the observations are to be interpreted. A paradigm reflects a consensus view of a particular scientific community, bought into expression by the members of that community, either consciously articulated or, more likely, simply assumed and not intentionally acknowledged. [1]

Why do they call themselves Central Banks - Central Intelligence?

price discovery of capital > price of time [elimination of collateral money]

Mathematical models require a constant

Education vs Mental Conditioning

One founder has leaped back ‘Into Action’ [von Mises] in hard industry jobs during the past 8 years since coming out of the furnace.

Cartesian Theory / Mathematical method / data logic analysis of physical reality philosophized by Descartes 


Coming out of The Furnace > Akin 2 The General who became a Slave was HUGE to assist with an awakening.

Anger & Recognition of Vulnerabilities when eating dinner that night on the upper east side post the T2 demolition. The OSS Deutsche Bank boys were having quite a party at a small cafe [put options success] > Pattern Recognition.

Clarity & Vision. Acceptance. Recognizing one was almost Cannon Fodder rekindles thoughts of those poor people lost being ripped apart systematically. Should there be a reason I survived it was not to continue as a victim.

Every Day alive is a gift. Mentorship & Goals to build a company with equitable solutions for younger people. Accretion and cash flow as natural objectives but a true intention is creative time with loved ones & helping others.

These are the last months in Southern California and the discord amongst the natives is impressive. Divide & Conquer > Polarization everywhere.

Opportunity within a Crisis.


Optimism > Delta of Those Who Produce / Indians vs Chiefs [Screen Watchers]

‘Leadership Podcasts’ are all the rage. Check the individuals Bio.

Riding bicycles as primary transport, trail hikes, paddle surfing and daily scheduling down to the hour or 15 minute segments…

Noting how many appear beaten down or in a rush to get back to screen watching.

Fighting the natural impetus to watch anything as it appears the technology some 22 years since our impressive False Flag has advanced.

Many of our thoughts may not belong to us…

Questions we ask accelerated thru travel > action > experiences

Be / Do / Have coaches missing real industry experience

> negotiating phone time with Mr. P - emx mafia en VDF

Awakening from programming… cognitive biases 

Pivot > Lessons learned… amalgamation of mentors…

R A N D O M - N O T E S - W o r k I n g  D o c u m e n t

C was born in Detroit. A quick stint in the mountains of Pennsylvania taught a few lessons before the family moved to Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

The dream of design / architecture was placed on hold given an opportunity to a service academy. Opting for the choice to give up short term freedom for potential future independence wasn’t the ideal. While not a rule follower past experiences as 

No idea about the capital markets…

No mentorship on achieving financial independence other than go to college & get a job dogma..

The incomparable exhilaration from riding entropy in the ocean became an immediate passion after the 1st real wave at Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad, California. A life changing journey to the west coast at 31 years of age was necessary move while some youth was left to attack storm surf. Upon evaluating the results of my decision with family - Now or Never in 2001, the choice TO GO was unassailable. 

Most anyone who has a chance to change their circumstance may consider to start by subscribing to the gratitude of the heath we retain today and move from there…

It is possible to have more than one life [professionally] as well as following a passion.

For the author this philosophy was paramount to living a complete existence.

Recovering from years of self sabotage eliminated some opportunities but opened many doors to new discovery & challenges not thought possible.

Failed in Saving a Little Brother from Uruguay here in California. I knew he was in trouble but court limitation precluded an immediate trip to NOR-CAL to get him. This young surfer was out of his league quickly going from lost to now long gone. This is a grave warning for younger people. This even was also another reason to excel & never forget younger kin.

L I F E > T R A N S I T I O N > P I V O T

Heavy Introspection has been essential to prepare Front Runner for Publication.

23.25 years ago the decision to go for it in the surf in California was partially funded by Edward Jones as the new task at hand was to study for the Series 7 & 66 examinations.

A chance encounter with a successful broker in Paul & Jerry’s shooting pool led to an opportunity of a lifetime. Remain aware of potential windows of opportunity provided by the Gods.

Asymmetric Growth attained by earning tacit knowledge - real eduction - by providing optimal utility to the funding source at the same time. Karma -Ethics.

Invest in yourself 1st.

Learning how to have others provide one a multi million dollar boots on the ground education.


Morgan Stanley > Bring in 5-7 Million in AUM minimum the next 2 years. Achieving this during a bear market required:

1. Learning about investments as my skin in the game was in residential real estate.
2. System on how to Sell Solutions - Always a Bull Market



Completely unaware of securities & investing in my 20’s.

Wall Street Journal used to have 5 charts on Page C1 - ‘Money & Investing.’

Getting ahead of oneself, storms and eventually market psychology.

Cleaning up our garage 1st

Not instructing- this is ideas

Caveat - I may have no idea what I’m doing

My family wants me to always have a job

Tomorrow’s Gold - Page 122 > Craftsmen > Deflation > central bank economists


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